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"Our company is actively trying to recruit more Spanish-speaking employees, and Myelita’s Survival Spanish for Personnel was just what we needed. We think everyone in business today could benefit from it."

- Astrid Martin, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Do you speak English perfectly?

The answer is probably no. Consequently, you don’t have to speak Spanish perfectly either to be understood.

A few simple words and phrases go a long way towards building rapport. But personalized instruction is hands down the best way to learn.

The SpeakEasy Spanish™ series of occupational Spanish programs was designed by the company’s founder, Myelita Melton, a curriculum design specialist and nationally recognized speaker on cultural diversity issues. Myelita’s programs are designed for adult learners with no previous experience in Spanish. She builds your skills based on the Spanish you already know to give you confidence and to get you started speaking quickly.

The SpeakEasy method stresses communication not conjugation to take the “foreign” quality out of language learning. Material is presented in a realistic but humorous style to teach you the vocabulary you will use every day, and most important, how to build strong relationships with the Spanish-speaking people you meet.

SpeakEasy’s Survival Spanish™ Method

  1. SpeakEasy’s Survival Spanish is designed for adults with no previous experience.

  2. To assist the adult learner, we search for every connection between English and Spanish.

  3. Our programs build skills quickly and with confidence.

  4. Participants begin speaking Spanish immediately.

  5. We recognize that professionals in different jobs use different vocabulary so our programs are always industry specific.

  6. We focus on communication, not grammar and old-fashioned conjugation.

  7. Our classes are fun and filled with the latest information.

  8. Program participants are able to contact us directly before, during or after the seminar.